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1/12th Scale Dolls made with loving care and attention

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About Me

Carol Hello. My name is Carol (as you may have guessed). Living in the UK, I am a private individual and have always had an interest in fabrics of all types. I have always collected pieces of material from a young age. My collection grew so big that I had to find a way of using them all up. So, I began to make dolls. Large rag dolls to start with, then soft-bodied sculpted dolls.

However, my interest in 1/12th scale came about when my children left home and I bought a 1/12th scale Dolls House. Initially, I could not find dolls that looked like 'real' people to put into my house. So, I started making them myself. My people are as close to real life as I can make them. Each one has his or her own personality and I try my best to ensure every doll is authentic for the period.

Since I also have a great interest in Social History, I love to produce the 'ordinary' folk of the day. Many of my 'poorer' dolls have little or no trimmings, as in real life they would not have been able to afford them. Their clothes would have been extremely simple. And, in reality, many of them would have been quite dirty, especially around the hemlines, since their dresses would have trailed in the gutters. I try to make the clothes appear as though they are actually being worn by that person. I do not use any patterns whatsoever, therefore I am not limited to any particular style, this allows me to create exactly what I want.

The dolls themselves are individually sculpted. I never know quite what they will be until I have finished sculpting them. They start to take on a particular personality at this stage and it is only then when I dress them to suit. They are mainly sewn, but, occasionally glue is used where I cannot sew them.

I have a great passion for making things. I have tried many different things - sewing, knitting, and even making furniture. A few years ago I was able to purchase a dolls house, which was a life-long ambition for me. This gave me a chance to try many new ideas. Although I love the Georgian era I wanted to use the slightly earlier style of baroque to give me a real challenge. I really enjoyed creating my house and, anything I couldn't find, I made myself. I wanted a really big dresser for the kitchen and could not get one, so I made one myself. There are many of my own creations that I have used in my Georgian House and my Other Buildings. I hope these provide inspiration to other people to have a go themselves. After all that is what makes them unique.

I take great pleasure and enjoyment in viewing other people's dolls houses to see what they too have created. Because of this, I thought I would put my own house creation on my website so that other people can see it. Just click on my Georgian House or Other Buildings links.

A group photograph

I will be adding more content on a regular basis, so please visit again soon.